Space vs. Reality

Lately, I have become fascinated by the topic of space, the galaxy, and its stars. The universe and all the wonder and intrigue it conveys is special. I created this artwork as I feel a special connection to the themes of space. I've experienced and reflected upon that sometimes it’s hard to identify what is real and what is not. “The mind is powerful and if you let it, can take over your life, we often get lost with our thoughts and can lose track of what’s real and what’s not.”

How many times have you caught yourself thinking and losing sleep over things you can't change in that instant? I feel you it has happened to me and more often than you might think. Energy is so valuable and we need to protect it as much as we can. Disconnecting our brains from the things that we can't control and repositioning it to the things that truly are important.

Do you know that the things that you leave for later because you are avoiding them automatically you are storing these little things in your subconscious which can drain your energy quickly, that might be one of the reasons why you feel groggy even when you sleep a good amount of hours. I have to say I can't blame you for it because I am the first one to store too many things in my head.

This piece of artwork that I made is a full representation of what I am talking about, all the million things we have in our heads and losing consciousness of what's real and what's not.



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