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About Lisa Camero

LCamero is a Miami-based interdisciplinary visual artist who uses paint and digital mediums to tell the tales of women through the intersection of art and fashion. LCamero, born Lisa Camero, founded her brand that encompasses visual art, fashion design, and photography. Each discipline informs the others. As her visual arts practice continues to grow, her attention to detail, knowledge of fashion, and her photographic eye prove to provide unparalleled insight into her ever-growing body of works.


LCamero was born in New Jersey but raised in Puerto Rico. While other children found joy in toys and dolls, LCamero always had a drawing utensil in hand. Her love of art stemmed from this childhood obsession; however, as she grew, she pushed her passion aside, studying business at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Nonetheless, her desire to create continued to flourish, and she knew action needed to be taken. At 22 years old, she ventured back to the United States. No family, friends, or money, but filled with determination. In 2012 she graduated from the Miami International University of Art and Design and entered the world of fashion.

She began expanding her horizons, developing her career as a visual artist. She experimented, letting her interests and experiences guide her as she explored new directions. Minimalism, abstraction, pop art all had their place in her artistic evolution leading her to her iconic style. Figurative works complemented by abstraction, geometry, and color fields. Portraits and depictions of women are accentuated by distinct fashion elements, often with elongated features emphasizing the female form and obscure backgrounds to intensify her subjects. 

Her visual art practice then entered the realm of digital media that she refers to as Crypto Art. Here, LCamero translates her approach into hyper two-dimensional works depicting emotive portraits that encompass attitudes and personalities amplified by details such as accessories, makeup artistry, and garments. Moving forward, LCamero is eager to explore relevant contemporary themes and subjects in depth through serial works in both her painting and crypto art practice.

Her work reflects the emotions and experiences she has undertaken. She uses her personal journey to produce pieces that accentuate the beauty and strength of powerful women while simultaneously incorporating fashion elements, making a seemingly elite form of creation accessible to the everyday. Her work has gained her esteem in her local community and beyond. She has had featured interviews in publications such as VoyageMIA and Shout Out Miami. LCamero has been included in exhibitions across the Miami art scene, including a satellite exhibition for the prestigious Miami Basel in 2018.

Artist Statement

The worlds of visual arts and high fashion collide as I create exquisite works highlighting the feminine subject; elegant, sophisticated, and striking women emerge from my canvases and digital prints. I developed a distinctive style with my brush with elements of minimalism, pop art, and abstraction.

My subjects come to life in new and intriguing ways; my use of line accentuates elongated features, gestural brushstrokes creating textured accessories and garments, and pops of color creating radiant portraits unlike any other, beyond the traditional notions of portraiture and figuration.

My evolution into digital works, known as Crypto Art, transform my signature style into images that embody a sense of allure. As I create artistic work through many mediums. I create art guided by my own intuition, adapting to each subject I capture to share that experience with my viewers.

Each image is more than a testament to aesthetic beauty but comments on the power of the feminine icon. I draw on the influential women in my own life, history, and popular media to create dynamic subjects that embody the persistence to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Channeling the strength of women is inherent in my work. As a woman who defied convention to venture independently into a new career, I asserted myself in this new space. With each piece, collection, and experience, I refine my practice, fulfill my dreams, defy the odds, and challenge others to do the same.